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6/12th Mitcham Sea Scout Group


Scout Troop meetings are held on Friday nights from 7pm to 9pm

Boys and girls are welcome aged between 10½ and 14½ years old.

Costs, 3 payments of £35 spread across the year, plus a single charge of £15 for the uniform once invested. A potential Scout can come along, at no cost, for a couple of weeks to see if they enjoy it before they need to join.

We run a balanced training programme with the emphasis on fun and learning skills for life. Full details of the Scout training programme and the badges that can be gained can be found on

We are Sea Scouts which means we enjoy all forms of water activities including canoeing, rowing, power boating, rafting, sailing and dragon boating and we provide training in all these activities. Being Sea Scouts does not mean we only do water activities. Our scouts will also learn to camp, cook, climb, cave, hike, hill walk and much more.

Each year we take part in District events including raft race, football competitions, quiz night, swimming gala, incident hike and other events.

Scouts go camping and each year we hold a summer camp. Summer camps consist of sampling both land and water activites.

We believe in challenging our scouts by giving them a chance to develop as young people.

To make decisions for themselves and to become confident individuals.

Having fun is our aim.

Please take a look at our calendar to see what we are up to and view the photographs.

Come and try it, it beats telly!!

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